Laser Testimonials

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am regarding the laser treatments for my toe.

I had developed a black toe from it rubbing against the inside of my shoe.  It formed 6months ago and was not healing.  My family doctor advised nail removal in order to release the pressure below the nail.  Marilyn suggested that we try some laser treatments to help it heal faster.  After the first treatment, it started to grow a healthy nail.  After two treatments, 3/4 of the nail was now healthy.  After the 3rd treatment, the black was completely gone.  

I was very impressed with how quickly my toenail was healthy again. 

Thank you so much Marilyn!
Tom R.

Cold sore life span is noticeably decreased by Marilyn’s laser treatment. But this time we caught it while it was still in that itchy, burning, below the surface stage. Now I know that two quick treatments over two days can actually kill the cold sore before it even erupts. Amazing, Marilyn! Thanks for squeezing in those last minute treatments.
Joanne W.

During the winter of 2014 I slipped on ice and severely injured the inside of my right knee. Not wanting to undergo arthroscopic surgery I decided to tough it out. It was getting to the point where walking was becoming extremely difficult. I remembered that Marilyn was a trained laser therapist. I contacted her with my tale of woe.
I received several treatments but felt a marked improvement in walking and standing after the first one. She has applied laser to the other knee as well as it was taking all the pressure from the right side.
Marilyn has done such a fantastic job I have already referred 3 people. In fact, after my treatment today I have spoken to two more people suffering from knee problems.
I would recommend her without any hesitation. Take the time for a consult, you'll be glad you did.
- Allan S.

I have been suffering with arthritis in my lower back and have tried numerous interventions.  The best relief has come from laser massage from Marilyn Macdonald.  I had far less discomfort on my second treatment and I have continued with monthly treatments.  Laser massage is working for me! 
- Dave D.

"Several month's ago I started having some pain in my lower back, at first it was liveable with some over the counter heat medications and robax. Over a few weeks while continuing to lift weights, the pain became so intense I could not stand for longer then 2-3 minutes at a time. I was finding that the only way I was comfortable was lying on my back. After having x-rays, I was notified by my doctor that I had disc compression in my L2-L4 discs in my lower back along with partial sacralisation of the L6 disc.  
Everyday activities became unbearable and I was forced to stop working out and eventually had to take time off of work. I had made several visits to a chiropractor in an attempt to relieve the pain. After approximately 9-10 visits I was not feeling any results and the pain remained the same.
I was referred to Marilyn MacDonald at Achieve Wellness through a friend to try massage therapy. I had never had a massage and was willing to try anything at this point. It had been about 8 weeks of pain that was continuing to get worse.
After setting up a first appointment with Marilyn she mentioned  "laser therapy" or "low intensity laser".  The system is Meditech Bioflex. I had no knowledge of this treatment but was up for anything. Over a 4 week period I received just 4 treatments from Marilyn. After each treatment I was starting to feel relief. After the third treatment with laser therapy I found the pain had completely been relieved. I had received a fourth and final treatment suggested by Marilyn. 
I found my experience at Achieve Wellness to be excellent. I found Marilyn to be very professional and only offer what treatment was needed. I was not forced into continuing the treatments after the pain was dealt with. Only 4 treatments were needed with the laser therapy and I continue to be pain free to this day, 4 weeks after the final treatment".
-Brian L., Kitchener

I am 71 years of age had a new hip June 6th 2012.
Have been getting regular Deep Muscle Massage Therapy for my Chronic Arthritis.
In October I fell and did a number on my right wrist. It was suggested I get Laser Treatments. I am very glad I did.
·        The first session went ok, but the next session 2 weeks later was where I noticed the most improvement.
It also helps to do daily self-massage using a muscle/joint lotion like CryoDerm
I also had some laser done on my right shoulder and left knee ligament
I would highly recommend having Laser done, of course along with my monthly Deep Muscle Therapy sessions
  Bernie B., Kitchener, ON  

For over two years I suffered with pain in my right hip and down my right leg, not able to sit for more than a few minutes at a time, and always had nagging pain.  After trying everything we could think of, someone told us about Marilyn and her laser treatments.  At this point, I had nothing to lose.  After only 8 treatments with Marilyn, I have almost no pain and can sit endlessly.  I would highly recommend Marilyn's laser treatments for anyone suffering from chronic pain.
- Mike W.    

  I was recovering from two knee replacement surgeries in the last two years.  I was so thankful to be able to walk free of the pain I had for a long time.  It was very disappointing when I started having pain in the heel area of my foot, affecting my walking.  I mentioned my pain to Marilyn when there for a massage and she said my problem is plantar fasciitis and suggested laser treatments.  I agreed to try it and healing took place within six treatments.  Thanks Marilyn for caring and introducing me to laser treatments.
- Karen B.   
I was very excited to hear that Marilyn had purchased a laser system for use in her practice, as I had seen excellent results with these types of systems in my work with horses. I had never needed to use the laser on myself until I suffered 3 fractured ribs as a result of being kicked by one of my horses. After being told that I would be out of commission for a solid 12 weeks by the ER doctor I was desperate to get the healing process going as fast as possible. I saw Marilyn the day after the injury and several times after that for just 30 minutes of laser therapy at a time. The results were remarkable! Not only did I not have any bruising or swelling, my fractures healed 4 weeks earlier than expected and I didn't miss one day of work. The treatments were very comfortable, non-invasive and painless and I felt immediate pain relief after each treatment. Since my injury I have requested laser treatments for everything from muscle strains, to joint pain and even my husband relies on it for everyday mishaps suffered in his day to day work. Most recently we were thrilled with the results from using the laser on his thumb, which suffered a direct hit from a hammer. He was in severe pain as the thumb swelled and after just 1 treatment with the laser he was able to use his thumb as usual with no pain. I would highly recommend Marilyn MacDonald's laser treatment to anyone wanting a proven, cost effective solution to inflammation and pain. In our household, it doesn't matter what the issue may be, we know Marilyn is who we call.
- Sara & Tristan M.  

   I have been using laser treatment from Marilyn for 2 ½ years. Her treatment has kept me going whether it’s my knees, lower back or neck. Marilyn’s treatments have been amazing for me. I have had calcium deposits on the back of my heels for years, the laser treatments have totally removed them! For me laser has worked.
- Ken M.  

I have been receiving laser treatments from Marilyn for about two years.  I have been suffering from intense lower back pain. Marilyn suggested I try laser treatments. I feel that adding laser treatments to my exercise program and massage therapy helped to significantly reduce my back pain. I can presently walk two miles pain free and am able to sleep through the night without being awakened by back pain.
- Anne N.  

In November of 2011 a nerve conduction test showed I had carpal tunnel syndrome and an ulnar nerve problem in my elbow. The surgeon I visited said that I would need surgery in January of 2012. Since my wife and I were planning a 2-week snorkeling excursion in Cozumel for January I wanted to avoid surgery. My wife suggested I contact Marilyn MacDonald for some laser therapy. Between the 1st of December and the 15th of January I had six treatments. I was able to snorkel every day we were away. I continued monthly sessions from February to the present. Two weeks ago a second nerve test showed I had only mild symptoms and just this week the surgeon said there was no longer a need to schedule surgery. Was that ever great news! I am so pleased with what Marilyn was able to accomplish. She is real professional but also a person who cares about her patients. It has been a great pleasure to have the weight of surgery removed from my shoulders. I will continue to see her every month so that any surgery can be postponed indefinitely.
- Peter M.   

marilyn has used laser therapy on my neck which has the discs compressing on each other. I have found this to be a huge relief for pain, before starting the laser on my neck it felt like my neck was going to crumble into little pieces, after a few treatments my neck feels great, no more pain.. she has also lasered a cold sore which i had been treating for a week , by the next day the scab had come off and in a few days it was completely healed.. marilyn has also treated my hand with laser , i have no idea what i did to it but by the end of the day i could barely move it, the next day i had a laser treatment and by that night it was 75% better and by the next morning it was completely better.!.. we have also had laser therapy on our 1 1/2 year old golden retriever from our vet,he had bone chips in both front legs and was very crippled at 6 months, after surgery he was better but had started to get lame again a few months ago so i took him for laser therapy and what a huge difference, even the neighbour commented that he looked happy , no more limping !!!.. i hope if youre looking for some relief from pain you ask marilyn for some laser therapy, i find it really works. 
-   betty ann s.